About us

Grüne Energien Solar GmbH plans ground mounted solar farms with a min. generated power of 3 Megawatt.

Our main activities are Germany and Europe. Within Germany Grüne Energien Solar GmbH focuses on areas in Sachsen-Anhalt and Sachsen.

Activities within Europe are largely depending on the (from time to time fast changing) legal conditions for the installation of solar farms.

We explicitly decided not to engage in solar roof top projects because cost for these types of installations will always be higher than ground mounted solar farms. Taking this decision Grüne Energien Solar GmbH tries to keep cost for the production of renewable energy for the entire community as low as possible.

Main strength of Grüne Energien Solar GmbH is the local presence in the southern part of Sachsen-Anhalt which is the base for the correct solar farm site selection, entire planning and communication to the local authorities.

The great performance and a proven track record of our executed solar farm projects emphasize our competences and developed strong relations to large strategic financial investors.