Renewable Energy for a better future

Grüne Energien Solar GmbH is an innovative company with a vision. We strongly believe that the devastating consequences using fossil and nuclear resources for power generation are clear for all to see. The recent global pandemic has also brought the impact of fossil fuels on the environment into clear relief. As a result of this, Governments around the world are renewing their commitment to renewable energy.

Because of this, it is logical for Grüne Energien Solar GmbH to follow its vision of using renewable technologies for energy production. It is an ethical obligation in the interests of our environment and for future generations. The consequences for humans are already visible, and getting worse from year to year. According a study of the IDMC app. 17 million people fled due to environmental catastrophes in the year 2009. In 2010 the number of people so affected increased to 42 million. The international Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that the number of “climate-refugees” will increase to 200 million in the year 2050.

The sea-level rises in the 19th century was approximately 14 centimetres. In the 21st Century, as rise of 1.3 metres is predicted. There is no doubt that millions of people will lose their homes, should this occur.

According to estimations fossil resources will last for the next 30 to 60 years, which clearly demands a long-term solution. A more sensible use of energy resources is needed, with a complete removal of dependence on fossil fuels.

The yearly energy consumption of Germany could be generated out of renewable resources using only 2% of Germany’s land. This is easy achievable looking at the large plots of unproductive land which is not used for food production but used to receive grants from the European Union. In the UK, during the pandemic, the countries’ electricity demand was met by renewable energy alone for over 2 months.

Renewable energy represents a great chance for energy production in countries or areas with a weak (or no) distribution network, by installing decentralized energy generation, such as ground mounted solar, and reducing the need for imported energy through weak or overloaded distribution networks.

Because of this, we believe that renewable energy is not only a matter of environmental clean energy production but also a socio-political need, to support people in emerging nations.