Why do we develop wind power projects?

Wind power is an elementary building block for the implementation of our energy park projects. More specifically, due to the much higher full load hours compared to solar energy, wind power is essential to achieve 99% self-sufficiency in the heat supply from renewable energies. This high degree of self-sufficiency is necessary in order to be able to offer households permanently low heat prices.

In general, wind energy is a good complement to solar energy, as the wind usually blows more when there is hardly any sun, especially in the winter months when heat is needed.


Project development

  • Information for citizens, community representatives, land owners and all other project participants and interest groups
  • Clarification of all legal planning issues for the project site
  • Extensive investigations into questions of nature conservation, noise, shadows and much more in close coordination with the approval authorities and other relevant groups and organizations
  • Creation and continuous optimization of the wind farm layout
  • Detailed execution planning for the construction of the wind turbines and the construction of the infrastructure
  • Preparation and submission of the permit application according to all requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act
  • Accompanying the approval process


Development of wind energy technology

The technical development of wind turbines in Germany over the last 20 years has mainly focused on the construction of ever larger systems. After the development from small (50 kW to 150 kW) to medium-sized wind turbines (500 kW and 600 kW) in the 1980s and early 1990s, the development of the megawatt class began in the early 2000s. This triggered rapid technical development. The largest systems currently available on the market have generator outputs of over 7.5 MW. Over the course of a year, such a system generates as much electricity as more than 5,700 households consume. As a result, the plants that are common today at one location produce many times more electricity than the plants of 20 years ago.