Why battery storage?

A fundamental change in electricity generation is taking place in Germany: away from coal and gas-fired power plants towards an energy mix dominated by renewable energies.

A cost-effective solution to renewable energy volatility is energy storage, storing excess power when wind and solar power is in abundance and releasing it in real time when there is a deficit.

Battery storage is essential to help us all create a clean, affordable, and secure power system. Batteries not only store electricity from renewable sources, they also improve the resilience of the power grid. By storing energy from renewable sources for use when it is most needed, the power system operates more efficiently and reduces the risk of blackouts.

For example, in 2021, 5.8 TWh of renewable electricity was curtailed to ensure grid stability. This resulted in compensation payments of €1.34 billion in 2021!(Source: Statista 2023)


More renewable generation

Batterien helfen dabei, Schwankungen bei der Stromerzeugung aus erneuerbaren Energiequellen auszugleichen.

Erhöhte Widerstandsfähigkeit des Systems

Batteries help smooth out fluctuations in power generation from renewable energy sources.

Balance of electricity supply and demand

In order to maintain the power supply, electricity supply and demand must always be in balance. Batteries are highly flexible assets that charge or discharge as needed to maintain balance.

Make the power system future-proof

Change is inevitable. Our batteries will help ensure the energy system is as flexible as it needs to be to accommodate the changes that are needed.