The Project Planning Process

After site selection and signing of an option agreement, we start the planning process. In the first stages, we engage with the local planning department to discuss site specific assessments and time lines. After this we prepare module layout plans, yield simulations and electrical plans.

We also execute a detailed desk top study of the entire area surrounding the proposed solar farm site. This study evaluates already existing (or in planning process) solar farms, special environmental requirements/actions and potential impact on local population, including visual impact, rights of way, glint and glare.

In order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible, we cooperate with experts in the field of species protection, landscape conservation and nature protection.

In many instances, early negotiations with electricity providers in the area will have already been undertaken, to establish the likelihood of a connection. In the next step we check grid connection possibility and the potential cable route to the feed-in point. Routes will generally follow public rights of way, and in some cases where this is not possible, we will we make contact with adjacent land owners, to negotiate way-leave agreements. At this stage the make of the components is not important and will be selected later on.

Our well established process of development, land selection, and grid connection options are designed to maximise the confidence of any land owner, with available sites greater than 5 hectares, of a successful outcome.